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OK, so there's a bit of lense flare, I still really like this picture. All of the pictures here were taken before I got her licensed and while she was sitting in the lot outside my mechanics prior to her post-purchase inspection.
The "PORSCHE" reflector is not stock, and will probably eventually be replaced. The wheels are also non-original, but considering that a set of the 4 bolt Fuchs wheels is $500, I think I'll wait a bit.
Continuing out tour of non-original parts, we have the driver's sideview mirror (also the only sideview mirror offered on the 914). The original chrome part is around $80, so it will be waiting as well.
Overall, she's in excellent condition. No interior pictures yet, hopefully I'll have those after thanksgiving.

1976 Porsche 914 2.0

One of about 2,600 1976 'teeners.

OK, just for you AT guys who finally bugged me enough to find the ZIP disk that I had thankfully saved my 914's pictures to prior to my last FFR (due to a failing Matshita CD-RW drive).

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