I believe that people need to think and judge for themselves, a person should never blindly accept any ideal, belief, or prepossession simply because it what they have been taught. It does not matter who has taught this, parents, teachers, religious leaders, and government officials are just as likely to be wrong as anyone else. Investigate for yourself, those who would discourage you are merely afraid of what you will find. I believe that people need to remember that all news is biased, and that statistics can be made to prove anything. I believe that nothing important has ever come from following the norm, a society is advanced most by those who refuse to accept that the status quo is the height of man. I believe that common sense is not now, and never was, common. I believe that 'nothing is good or bad but man makes it so'. (I do not know who originally said this quote, but it was not me, if you know or if it was you E-mail me.) I believe that people should give credit where credit is due. I believe that a person must work hard if he wants to make something of himself. There are no shortcuts in the long term. I believe that when you cheat others you only end up cheating yourself. I believe in 'Instant Karma', somehow everything manages to come back around and hit you just when you think you're safe, like a cartoon boomerang. I believe that all will be lost if we allow the rights of the many to overrule the rights of one. I believe in the power of the individual. I believe different does not mean wrong. I believe that words are merely symbols arranged on a page. I believe that people who resort to petty insults rather than discuss an issue are only parading their ignorance, not hiding it. I believe that it is better for 10 guilty men go free than for one innocent man be punished. I believe that so-called 'Political Correctness' is an absurd attempt to fix a problem that does not exist, so forgive me if I use 'antiquated' English rather than our more obsequious modern English. I believe in Free Will, that if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. I believe that ignorance and prejudice and fear go hand in hand. I believe that the things we criticize most in others are the things that we feel we are capable of ourselves. I believe in Rock and Roll, and that music can save my mortal soul. I believe that everyone should listen to Don McLean's song, 'American Pie' at least once in his life. I believe that fashion is merely another name for conformity. I believe that understanding should be more important than judgement. I believe that 'A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds' (Emerson). I believe that Calvin Coolidge was correct when he said, 'Nothing I have never said has ever done me any harm.' I believe that, 'Learning without knowledge is foolishness, knowledge without learning is perilous' (Confucius). I believe that 'it is easier to try than to prove it can't be done' (The Moody Blues). I believe that we have met the enemy and he is us. 'I believe in Kingdom Come, that all the colors will bleed into one' (U2). Finally, I believe that experience is the best teacher; don't just look, see; don't just hear, listen; don't just touch, feel; and never just talk, always speak.

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