Dorm Room

Think about how many times I have fallen,
Spirits are using me, larger voices callin'.
--  Stephen Stills

It seems that I lost everything in the great server crash of 2001. Well, almost everything, I still have the hit counter. That'll teach me not to always have a backup of everything on the site. I'll be putting up what I can when I can, just like the old site. It is likely to be a while though, because I get a bit busy with the site I maintain for the campus conservative newspaper. Oh well, it's not as though anyone really depended upon this site, at least I really hope no-one did becuase that would be kind of pathetic.

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Well that's all he wrote for now. This site will get larger, all I need is time, time, time, to get it right. Until next time, remember, never fully trust someone who doesn't like black and white movies or Van Gogh.

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